Terms and Conditions


Once you visit the website and put a command, you are stating that you have read and that you approve the using conditions mentioned below.

The website www.doctorvladrosca.com is administrated by SC TECHNOMED GROUP SRL juridical person of Romanian nationality, having the social headquarter: street Stefan Augustin Doinas, no. 7-11, building M3, floor 1, apartment 4, Arad. In the sense of the legislation regarding data protection, we are operator when we process your personal data. You can contact us at the telephone number: 0371380038 or at the e-mail address: mirceasf@gmail.com.

The website doctorvladrosca.com reserves the rights to modify the information presented  in the pages of this website (including this page) without being constrained to notify the users regarding these changes. A part of the materials that make this website are with title of presentation. In the case in which you have copyright on these we ask you to contact us through e-mail at the address doctor.vladrosca@gmail.com. After ascertaining a ciolation of the copyright, the materials will be immediately removed.

Processing personal data

We consider that ensuring the right of personal data protection as a fundamental commitment, so we will dedicate all the necessary resources and efforts to process your data in accordance with the Regulation 2016/679 (EU) ( The general regulation regarding personal data or GDPR) and with any other applicable legislation on the territory of Romania.

The purposes of collecting and processing personal data:

Administration, improving and realizing services offered by the website doctorvladrosca.com

Commercial sale activities of virtual products, creating and administrating the clients’ accounts, research/market study, marketing statistics

Processing commands, including processing, validation, billing and their finalization

Solving situations of returning products or cancelling the command according to the legal prevails.

Reimbursement of the contra value of the products according to the legal prevails.

The published information offered on this website cannot be used for illness diagnosis, their treatment, as advice for health and any other activities linked to the health of the visitors. We do not take responsibility for their application. We recommend the website visitors to consult a specialist for diagnosis or treatment of a medical problems before applying information found on our website.

The individual diets created by doctor Vlad Rosca have as a main purpose to inform the users which is the recommended alimentary regime according to the information received by these users.

Our team guaranties the users that we offer permanently updated information using authentic approved and competent information. This thing does not exclude the possibility of appearing some gaps/lacks. We do not assume our responsibility for any consequences of any type, including damages realized from or linked in any way to the access or using of this website.

For any other enquiry regarding personal data processing we ask you to contact us at the e-mail address doctor.vladrosca@gmail.com.

The politic of delivering the products:

After placing the command, the clients will receive in maximum 24 hours an e-mail with the personalized diet for the first week. In the case in which there are unclear things to solve in what concerns creating it, the client will be contacted, this prolonging the deadline of getting ready the program